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Our Staff

Leadership Team

Mrs Sally Beaton


Mrs Clare Booth

Deputy Headteacher


Meet the Team at Towcester CE Primary School

Reception Year

Mr Danny Thomas (Class Teacher)

Mrs Clare Wakefield (Class Teacher)

Mrs Cheryl Dowdeswell (Class Teacher)

Ms Shanice Bodily (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Julie Baker (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Nicole Farmer (Teaching Assistant)

Year 1

Mrs Trudi Collins (Class Teacher)

Miss Leeagh Fletcher (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Selma Habib (Teaching Assistant)

Year 1/2

Mrs Eshma Agha (Class Teacher)

Mrs Alison Bridge (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Teresa Palethorpe (Teaching Assistant)

Year 2

Mr Luke Carr (Class Teacher)

Mr Gary Foster (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3

Miss Imogen Day (Class Teacher)

Miss Pippa Lawrence (Class Teacher)

Miss Natalie Brady (Class Teacher)

Miss Sam Buckland (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Sheryl Owens (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Catherine Muxlow (Teaching Assistant) 

Ms Gemma Taylor (Teaching Assistant)

Year 4

Mr Edward Skears (Class Teacher)

Mrs Sue Hemming (Class Teacher)

Mr James Taylor-Rutt (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Mandy James (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Margaret Brown (Teaching Assistant) 

Year 5

Mrs Emma Curtis-Noor (Class Teacher)

Mrs Hayley Meller (Class Teacher)

Mr Tim Boon (Class Teacher)

Mrs Claire Beall (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Madison Roofayel (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Catharine Tarbun (Teaching Assistant)

Year 6

Miss Amy Yuill (Class Teacher)

Mr Matthew Hamblin (Class Teacher)

Mrs Carolyn Doy (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Sonia Gower (Teaching Assistant)


Mrs Kiranjit Sahota Hussain

Miss Carla Holmes

The Hive Team

Mrs Clare Booth (SENCO and Inclusion lead)

Mrs Wendy McShane (Family Support Worker)

Mrs Wendy Grant (Learning Mentor)

Office Team

Mrs Elizabeth Sandham

Mrs Lesley Clark

Mrs Emma Nicholas (School Finance Assistant)

Mrs Kylie Richardson (Financial Business Manager)

Site Team

Mr Alan Devine (Site Supervisor)

Mrs Ruth Horton

Miss Gemma Talmer

Mr Kevin Faulkner

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Penny Batchlor

Mrs Angie Owen

Miss Gemma Talmer

Wraparound Care


Mrs Dana Bakusova

Mrs Angie Owen

Miss Nicole Farmer