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School Life - Introduction

As a parent, it's natural to be curious about what your child will experience during their time at school. We understand that the primary school years are critical in shaping your child's future, and we are committed to providing a safe, stimulating, and supportive learning environment for them.

An essential aspect of school life that parents must be aware of is the school uniform policy. Our school uniform page outlines the school's expectations for student dress, including the types of clothing and accessories that are permitted or prohibited. It's important to note that wearing a school uniform creates a sense of community and pride in the school, and helps to eliminate social and economic distinctions among students.

We have a page dedicated to helping parents with useful files and forms related to school life. Here you will find downloadable forms for applying for term time absences. We understand that there may be occasions when children need to be absent from school during term time. Our school has clear policies and procedures in place for managing absences, which are outlined on our website. Parents are required to notify the school of any planned absences in advance and to provide written justification for any unplanned absences.