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Collective Worship


"Collective Worship at Towcester is excellent. It is centred around the school’s Christian vision and enables stillness, joyfulness and empowerment through biblical teachings. Leaders have created a dynamic special time which is highly valued by the whole school community. They find deep meaning through Christian teachings and celebrate the fullness of life that God intended.’  SIAMS Report, 2022

Collective worship is central to our school day. Collective Worship offers our community the opportunity to experience and explore their spirituality. Pupils participate in prayer and song; worship offers a time for stillness, silence and reflection. We create an appropriate atmosphere by using music and a cross and candles that act as a focal point for the attention of the pupils.

We explore different values and themes throughout the school year. Our collective worship is in three parts: Learn, Reflect and Respond. During each worship, we learn about a topic or idea, reflect how this knowledge informs us in our lives and then respond by taking our learning out into our daily lives. A follow up activity is set to encourage children to develop their thoughts, responses and understanding of this learning idea.

All our worship includes these key elements :

  • An altar table with appropriate liturgical coloured cloth
  • The lighting of candles to represent the Trinity
  • Call and response, led by our worship leaders
  • A main discussion point or story
  • Silent reflection time
  • Prayer
  • Blowing out of candle
  • A Christian song or a song that illustrates our values

We regularly invite visitors to lead our collective worship. Some tell Bible stories through painting or pictures, others inspire children through music or story. Other assemblies are taken by teachers and visitors from the local community discussing values or sharing with the children about an aspect of life to open up their world and experience.

Our collective worship leaders open each collective worship by welcoming the school community together and encouraging them to ‘Learn Reflect and Respond’. Pupils are invited to join in prayer or to use the time as quiet reflection time.

School collective worship opening and closing responses are also used in the St Lawrence  Family Service opening and closing responses. This helps pupils to feel comfortable in their worship in both church and school.

‘Collective worship is transformational in the daily life of the school. Worship is exceptional because it is inclusive and seen as a conversation with God. As a result, pupils have a deep and meaningful connection to God through prayer. Here, they ask him questions and hear his answers. Vibrant, joyful singing is a key part of daily collective worship which everyone finds deeply moving and uplifting. Christian teachings within worship have a real impact on the school community. They help to promote the vision and secure the atmosphere of loving care and support for one another.’ SIAMS Report, March 2022

Prayer at Towcester

Opportunities for prayer and reflection are given at lunchtimes and in classes at the end of each academy day. Prayer and reflective spaces are available in all classrooms, places where children can quietly reflect, access Bible stories and prayer books.

Themed prayer spaces are set up around the school, prompting children to reflect and create prayers in different ways and forms. These are based on different themes both personal and on a global scale.